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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Green Front

Verdigris LLC Newsletter August 2010
Birds Eye Bed by Ben Caldwell

All of us at Verdigris LLC would like to offer special thanks for the outstanding responses from our highly talented and innovative artists and supporters of the Green Community.  Several hundred artists have submitted their creations to with hundreds of new submissions flooding in daily. The creations submitted are extraordinary and we work with each individual artist to ensure maximum exposure of only the most stunning ecologically innovative items.

Oval Coffee Table by Tucker Robbins

Accepting International submissions means that the staff at has undertaken the time consuming efforts of dimension conversions, language conversions, photo conversions and currency conversions, all of which delayed the launch of We are working around the clock because we feel it is important to keep a time schedule as well as give our customers International Green Choices for their lives.  It is the collaboration and the celebration of the green movement that we will all make a difference in our world.

The Green Front

Last year there was a massive brush fire in Santa Barbara known as The Tea Fire.  Up from the ashes arose the Sunset® Breezehouse™, a unique contemporary home.

Sunset® Breezehouse™

Brian Andreas and Ellen Rockne generously offered their home as a place to inspire and celebrate the first LEED certified home in Santa Barbara. It is set in the foothills with 180-degree ocean views. The home incorporated all elements of the green building hierarchy - it protects and restores the site's natural features, conserves water, is energy efficient, has improved indoor air quality, and uses resources and materials wisely.

Sunset® Breezehouse™
The concrete floors have radiant heating that keep the home comfortable year round.
Large, energy efficient windows allow cooling breezes and abundant natural light into the home. Green building nurtures the environment locally and globally today and well into the future using less energy, water, and resources in both the construction and operation of your building. It keeps demolition and construction waste out of our landfills.

Sunset® Breezehouse™

San Francisco architect Michelle Kaufmann of, designed the steel and wood structure using modular building blocks. Innovative landscaping by Grace Design Associates, Inc.,, frames the house with an elegant natural setting.  Not surprisingly, there was no eco-friendly furniture or lighting because the owner said that he could not find anything.

Bar Table by Eyal On is a site for Architects, Interior Designers, and Clients wanting to live in a sustainable manner to find the best of eco-friendly furniture, art, lighting, accessories, clothing and jewelry designed for longevity, flexibility, and living beautifully.They will find the most beautiful pieces on the planet to make their lives richer and more meaningful as well as protect its planet.  Each piece designed and built for longevity, flexibility, and living a beautiful, joyful, sustainable life. is a registered client of Internet Market Consulting Specializing in Website Repair, Design, Marketing