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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Masters of a Plastic Universe

It is only a short step from exaggerating what we can find in the world to exaggerating our power to remake the world. Expecting more novelty than there is, more greatness than there is, and more strangeness than there is, we imagine ourselves masters of a plastic universe. But a world we can shape to our will is a shapeless world.  by Daniel J. Boorstin
Plastic Universe
Recycled green plastic bags create beautiful piece of art available at 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Buyer Beware Eco NOT

The Green Movement is growing but are all these manufacturers truly friends of the environment?  While protecting our environment it is essential not to be fooled by false claims.  A recent Twitter post caught our attention;
  • So very New York! Step into Madison Avenue. This white and beige horn cuff is carved from naturally shedded buffalo horn from Africa

When do buffalo shed their horns? They don't. Their horns are permanently on their heads just like the horns are on a bull or cow. African buffalo are threatened by habitat loss and hunting pressures ( IUCN Antelope Specialist Group, 2008).

Learn more about Africa Poaching
Big 5 - African Buffalo Hunting A New Wave

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Ecologically Furniture?

Will and Jada Smith recently unveiled their 25,000 square foot Malibu, California home, furnished entirely from handcrafted, ecologically friendly furnishings.  Will told Architectural Digest, “We wanted to feel the love and labor that went into every piece of this place.”  Superstars are not the only consumers demanding the quality and craftsmanship of handmade furniture.  Due to a wide amount of media coverage, we are becoming increasingly aware of the damage we as a population have caused to our environment. 


by John Dahlsen
With scientific studies showing the damage caused to the ozone layer and the ways in which we can help eliminate any further damage, many of us are becoming more conscious about our consumer habits.

As a direct result, the demand for eco-friendly items like furniture has rapidly increased. With furniture being manufactured from a myriad of materials using various methods, many customers now prefer to make an educated decision as to the products they purchase for their home. In some cases, this may be in order to purchase items that are safe for the environment and their family collectively. One of the main advantages of purchasing ecologically friendly furniture is that all pieces will be manufactured using non-toxic, renewable materials. The benefit of investing in these types of products goes beyond the demand for earth friendly.

Since these pieces will not contain harmful substances, you can also be guaranteed that the manufacturing process used to create each piece was not damaging to the environment. Although many wooden furniture pieces may be manufactured using recycled wood, there is still the issue that trees have been cut in order to obtain the wood required and thus some damage has been caused to our environment. When purchasing eco-friendly furniture, all pieces will be made using wood which has been taken from a certified wood harvesting site or ASC certified by the Forest Stewardship Council A.C.  The FSC has been around for almost 20 years and they have been enormously important in formal determination of standards for the responsible harvest of wood (used in furniture, flooring and paper), particularly from the world’s rapidly disappearing rainforests. Within these sites, trees are grown for the primary purpose of harvesting and once a tree has been cut down, a new tree is immediately planted.

Many families opt to purchase ecologically friendly items for health reasons as eco-friendly goods will not harm your health. Some home furnishings may be produced using noxious materials which can be harmful to both you and your children.  This factor is particularly important if any member of your family suffers from extreme allergies. The Mayo Clinic recommends choosing easy-to-clean chairs, dressers and nightstands made of leather, wood, metal or plastic as part of allergy proofing your home. Furniture that is made using toxic substances can be harmful to the quality of air within your home which could lead to health problems in the future. If you saw an item that may work well within your home but discovered it was manufactured using noxious materials or substances, would you still consider purchasing it or would you opt for an eco-friendly alternative? For this reason, it always advantageous to peruse the labels of any furniture pieces you see before purchase.

A growing design trend in ecologically friendly furniture is creating furniture from bamboo, an extremely strong, fast growing grass, rather than manufactured wood.

An often overlooked aspect of purchasing ecologically friendly furniture is that it is cost effective. Unlike mass produced pieces of furniture which may be manufactured using harmful substances, eco-friendly furniture pieces do not possess extravagant price tags. Thus they are not only affordable but beneficial to the environment. With more designers opting to create green furniture pieces, homeowners are now indulged with a range of modern and traditionally designed pieces which are kind to the environment and their wallets without compromising style or aesthetic. Websites such as feature contemporary ecologically friendly furniture pieces that cater to all tastes.

Last but by no means least; by purchasing ecologically friendly furniture for your home, you will be doing your bit to help prevent deforestation. Purchasingeco-friendly goods will help to prevent global warming and deforestation to some extent and will help to reduce the amount of waste which can be accumulated from manufacturing furniture in a non-ecologically friendly manner.

As more homeowners become aware of the benefits of this type of furniture and see that environmentally friendly does not mean compromised style and quality, we can all collectively help to do our bit to preserve the environment and make some savings along the way.

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