Ecological Misson is a website featuring the most stunning eco friendly items on the planet. Inspired by Jane Goodall, Ed Begley Jr., Pierce Brosnan, Jim Belushi etc. to only present recycled and sustainable fine art, furniture, jewelry and apparel. This website is intended for the Green Movement and efficient uses of our resources, for the artist to sell their work - thus income, and philanthropic donations to help save the world. It is a social commentary, highlighting our disposable mentality towards objects - trying to make efficient use of our resources - which are not infinite.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ola Voyna Hot New Artist

Calumet Couch by Ola Voyna

A very cosy couch with a shape that typifies the Ola Voyna commitment to innovation and originality with a unique wrought structure that gives the Calumet the unmatched durability that is an essential part of the design process of all our pieces. It is painted black with a partial, delicate covering of copper plating. 

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Featured Artist: Marla Kunselman

Seaside Palms Necklace by Marla Kunselman
Marla Kunselman has been creating one-of-a-kind jewelry out of someone else’s trash for over 10 years. She scours the beaches - picking up baubles and treasures that have washed ashore… and kayaks to spots others can’t get to around the New England coast for her bounty. Marla "cleans" beaches as she beach combs - picking up debris that has polluted water ways and shorelines - trash man has left behind. She is the "trash remover" of the shore and it's her way of giving back to the earth.

Recycling or “up-cycling” fragments of glass and pottery, that has been drifting along the oceans floor for many years, into eclectic adornments for the body is her passion. She also uses recycled sterling silver when possible and incorporates many natural elements into her pieces
as well.

All designs are handmade, original works of art and true heirloom pieces representing a sliver of history that can be passed on to many generations. All pottery and glass has been naturally tumbled by the surf and sand – straight from the beach to you!