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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Featured Artist: Prizy Sebastian Eco Couture

Jezibelle by Prizy Sebastian

 Inspired by the beauty of Couture, Prizy Sebastian designs elegant dresses with extreme attention to detail, a dedication to the feminine look, a love for technique and the use of natural fabrics.

Originally born in India, she grew up in Houston, and studied fashion while attending the University of Texas. Dress design was a true calling. After honing her skills in the New York fashion industry, she struck out on her own to develop her personal aesthetic and grow creatively as an artist.

Inspiration is also taken from textures and patterns found in  art, nature, and history. With great colors and subtle details, a dress tells it’s own story and transports the wearer to a more elegant time. Every item has great construction, using traditional dressmaking techniques, such as pin-tucking, gathering, and pleating.

In an effort to stay true to craftsmanship and be environmentally friendly, each dress is made in New York upon request. This keeps production to the absolute minimum.  Styles evolve organically.  Silk, wool and cotton are the primary fabrics used, the oldest fibers used in history and still the most natural and biodegradable.

Her work exemplifies the best in the feminine, and accentuates the form.
Prizy Sebastian designs to create beauty, return to a sense of craftsmanship, and add to the timeless in an ever-changing world.

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