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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why Invest in Ecologically Friendly Items for Your Home

Cloud Walker Chandelier by Jordy Fu
Recycled Paper
As we have become more aware of the damage we have caused to the environment through various manufacturing processes and so forth, a wide range of ecologically friendly items have been introduced to the market over recent years. These products help to dramatically reduce the use of natural resources and instead, utilize recycled resources in order to produce required goods. Purchasing these kinds of items is incredibly beneficial to the environment which in turn, is beneficial to us as a society also.

Flight In Yellow and Purple I by Jo-Ann Lizio
Repurposed Sheet Metal

As a direct result of studies throughout the years which have shown the issues that stem from constantly utilizing natural resources, a wide number of manufacturing companies have taken the time to develop new and improved environmentally friendly products. These companies are working towards reassuring the consumer that the products and processes used within their company are ecologically friendly. Investing in ecologically friendly items for your home whether you are investing in apparel, furniture, lighting or even art; hold a wide range of benefits which stem much further than being kind to our environment.

Portals by Bill Hess
Recycled Container Glass
 There is often the misconception that ecologically friendly items will not be pleasing to the eye or carry any form of style or sense of ‘chic’. This however, is strictly not true. Although some items may be produced using recycled products which may originate in plain colors or even textures, these items can be dyed in a wide range of colors to add a splash of color and be worked into any room. What’s more, these dyes will not contain any toxic substances, making them ideal for use within your home. So, say you were looking to purchase an ecologically friendly piece of furniture for your home, you are guaranteed to be provided with a range of options in terms of color, style and design whilst being kind to the environment at the same time.

Dublin Bed by Jeff Soderbergh
 Many of the items that are found within our home will not be environmentally friendly, meaning that they will be manufactured using a myriad of natural resources during the production/manufacturing process. These processes will create a large amount of waste and will not help in conserving our natural resources. However, with many products not clearly labeled as to how they have been made, we can be forgiven for our lack of knowledge. Ecologically friendly items are produced using a much lower level of natural resources which helps in eliminating the amount of waste created during production.

Carmel Chair by Samantha Cobos

By investing in ecologically friendly jewelry, art, furniture and lighting for your home, one thing you can be sure of is that these items were produced using environmentally friendly processes. Compared to other production processes which will damage the atmosphere, eco-friendly goods will be processed in a manner that helps to lessen the level of waste within landfills which in turn, will help to decrease air pollution. These processes do not only benefit the environment, but also those working within production plants. Purchasing ecologically friendly goods for your home not only ensures that you are doing your bit to save our environment, but should you opt to purchase an ecologically friendly gift for a friend or family member, you can also help to encourage others to begin investing in these fantastic products too.

White Raven & Amber Set by Ola Voyna
Although you may agree that investing in ecologically friendly goods is a great way in which to help the environment, chances are you may be somewhat skeptical as to the level of quality these goods will hold. Many often associate recycled or ecologically friendly goods with low quality and lack of style. In actual fact, these products are of a great quality and with many designers looking to research further into how these fantastic, environmentally friendly materials can be used, we are spoilt with a wide range of stylish, artistic and high quality pieces to add to our home. With an array of high value online stores such as at your disposal, you are guaranteed to find an abundance of pieces of furniture, jewelry and art that are not only affordable and expertly crafted, but also beneficial for our environment.

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